University of Tennessee-Memphis



Prof. Sajeesh Kumar, PhD., is Executive Director at Institute for Health Outcomes and Policy, Chair-Health Outcomes and Policy Research PhD program and Professor, Department of Health Informatics & Information Management, University of Tennessee-Memphis, USA. Prof. Kumar’s research focuses on design and development of Health Information Technology, Telehealth, Healthcare Administration, Health Education Technologies and Technology Evaluation.

Prof. Kumar edited books on Telesurgery, Teleophthalmology, Teledentistry, Teleradiology, Telepathology etc (Springer).  Prof. Kumar has travelled to more than 30 countries and has extensive international experience in healthcare, education and research works. He has won several research awards, published book chapters and scientific papers in high impact journals. Prof. Kumar holds an impressive record of competitive research funding and research awards. In his free time he is involved in flying single engine airplanes, music and voluntary social service to the needy.